The Human Whisperers

I only write when I’m inspired.  Today I came home and I was inspired.

I spent my afternoon on a beautiful, wonderful, calming creature that sucked the stress from my body all the while torturing my knees, ankles and butt! Have you ever ridden a horse? or even just been around them?  They are magical. Not only because of their size and beauty but because of their calm presence that impacts everyone around them.  Horses are my Human Whisperers; they know, they see, they feel and they seem to suck all the negative energy from my body when I am on one.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to a beautiful family farm via Madison at a Girl Guide event several years ago. Since then, Madison has been patiently tutored on riding and caring for these awesome creatures by Jen. I have also ridden often at the farm and taken lessons. Today was the first time I went on a real hack.

We travelled from the farm to one of the local forest trails. Mounted on our horses, we entered into the beautiful forest. The combination of my therapeutic conversations with Jen, the forest calm and horse calm was the best medicine the doctor could have ordered. I may have fallen to the ground when I dismounted because I am little broken ?, but once I stabilized myself I felt an immense sense of peace. I’m fairly certain Jen will live forever because she gets to experience this so often ?.

Once again I am so grateful. I look forward to going on another hack again soon.

Thank you Jen ❤️❤️❤️

  • I agree! I feel that horses are spiritual and they can feel the love and sense your feelings and will care for you in return. What a great day to be out!