Dimples and pimples

I have a very very sad story… tonight, at age 45, I had to you use pimple cream! and I had to borrow it from Madison! I’ve gone 45 years with a few blemishes and pimples here and there, but now, at 45, I actually had to use ACNE CREAM! I just hope it works because my chin is looking like a mine field..

More importantly, much more importantly, I was speaking with Dan tonight and he mentioned maybe I should talk a little bit more about how I came to identify that something may have been wrong with me. In my first post I did mention that I had noticed a dimple on my breast. The dimple doesn’t look like a true dimple but more like my skin is being pulled inwards toward my spine. So it was this dimple that brought me to the doctor. The first doctor who examined me didn’t do a breast exam, she just saw it and immediately ordered the mammogram and ultrasound. When my family doctor received the results, he called me in to deliver the news that “I needed more test”. He also did a breast exam, and he felt absolutely nothing. Weeks later when I received the cancer diagnosis, the surgeon and the oncologist both also did full breast exams (with more vigour than I would have liked) and neither could feel the tumour either.

The moral of the story is that any changes you notice on your breast should be taken seriously, even if you don’t feel anything. That applies to both men and women! And if you have smaller breasts like me or dense breasts, a mammogram alone may not show anything. Only the ultrasound and MRI were able to pick up the tumour and spots around it (we don’t know what those are yet).

Finally, as I am not bold enough to post a picture of my dimpled breast and I am far too vain to show you all my pimples, I will pass on posting a photo today ?.

Enjoy this first weekend of fall with above 30 degree weather! ??⛱