Prepping for chemo

Who knew cancer was such a production…. yesterday I saw the oncologist and about 10 other people!!! The pharmacists, the medication insurance lady, the nurse, etc, etc, etc.. look at the papers I came home with!

I am most confused by the fact that I may be constipated and have diarrhea ?….. I’m sure it’s either or, but still baffles me a bit..

I should probably be reading up on more of it, but right now I’m just going to ride the wave. This weekend we are busy seeing friends and the kids activities.

Next weekend we are considering a party to celebrate the last Saturday before chemo starts! I’m also busy trying to strengthen my body, so lots of sessions with Carla and I hope to start running a little on Friday.

And in my super duper anal retentive way I am of course trying to plan out the next 6 months of my limited self. Fall, winter, Christmas, Madison’s Birthday, etc, etc, etc.. Ugh it’s so exhausting to live in my brain.

My biggest concern is of course the day to day. For my first week of chemo I have arranged for meals with the help of my generous sister-in-law and brother-in-law. And although Dan loves to think he can handle everything on his own, he knows he cannot. So, I’m not going to be shy and I will put it out there that we will need help.

As a mother, I think one of my biggest worry is my kids eating well. I work hard to make sure this happens consistently normally.. So any help I could get with this will be so appreciated. I promise to pay it back when I kick cancer’s ass.