Work family…

Some people go to work to do a job and leave. Others go to work and live their work life. I am one of those people. Not only am I passionate about what I do, I am also dedicated to my team, my coworkers, and the company. Dedicated doesn’t even represent how I truly feel. I care, deeply. I consider my peers my friends… sometimes that may make them uncomfortable but most are used to me now ?.

Tonight I was lucky enough that our team got together for dinner. They took time out of their schedules to come see me. I am so lucky… and incredibly grateful (because I know how busy they really are!!!). We had a great time chatting and playing with Snapchat filters LOL! Picture of the girls will come in a minute.

But first I wanted to stop to show this one:

This is a beautiful care package from my coworker/friends daughter Kaitlyn. She made it for me.. including sowing the beautiful bag. And she took the time to label all the items so I would know when to use what. I will bring this with me to every chemo session and keep it by my side. (Except the chocolate bar… I already ate it as I typed this ?!).

My heart is bursting I am so touched by this incredible gift ?. Thank you Kaitlyn ?

Now, I’m hoping I will be forgiven for posting this picture but I couldn’t resist! We were trying to all have blue hair like mine:

Tonight reminded me again of how happy and thankful I am to be surrounded and supported by so many amazing friends!