I am losing my hair fast and furious! And it’s everywhere! On my pillow, in my ears, and it even makes its way into my water! Most people would be slightly upset over this milestone which is common for chemo patients. I am not most people; I actually don’t care that my hair is falling out. However… I care that I have so much hair that it’s making a massive mess everywhere I go! My house is covered in hair… and that makes my house dirty, which for those who know me, drives me batty! So I’m losing my hair and that’s fine, but let’s just get this over with please and make me bald so the house can go back to normal?.

At least I am somewhat distracted by Keela. She came home yesterday from her vet visit …. she ate foam from her mattress which resulted in a blocked intestine requiring emergency surgery… she’s quite weak but is slowly regaining strength. I have had to sit down and feed her with a spoon… We are a lovely pair – cancer patient feeding surgery patient. She’s supporting me back by wearing a Run for the Cure t-shirt ?.

I had just gotten back from a run when this picture was taken. I’m still feeling really good, for now anyway. It all changes this week as I start my second round of chemo. Tomorrow,bright and early, I will have the PICC line procedure. This will be an IV line in my upper arm that will be used for chemo going forward. It will be a pain but a better alternative to getting poked over and over again.

After the line is inserted I then have blood tests to make sure I am strong enough for chemo on Tuesday. I also see the oncologist and of course I have a lot of questions for him!

For today, I am spending the rest of the day relaxing with my recuperating puppy before the next rollercoaster starts…