Puppy love…

My beautiful Keela, my shadow, my napping partner… is sick ?. She started throwing up minutes after I took this picture yesterday.

Thankfully the tests are not showing anything in her GI tract so that rules out the need for surgery, phew! The vet is keeping her overnight to hydrate her and hopefully tomorrow she comes home. But I miss my napping partner ?.

I, myself, have been feeling completely normal, like I don’t have cancer. I’m still sporting my buzz cut; no hair loss yet but I’m sure it’s coming soon!

I’ve been spending my time working out with Carla and she has been kicking my ass!!! And boy does it hurt! Tonight I had the brilliant idea of doing one of her classes…. I think I will regret it.. No correction, I KNOW I will regret it!! ?. But it’s making me stronger for chemo which is my goal; strong body and strong mind!

I’ve also been preparing for chemo.. doing stuff around the house that I know I won’t be able to do next week, prepping for Xmas, and spending quality with the kids. Monday I get to spend most of my day at the hospital; first getting my PICC line, then blood work and finally seeing the oncologist before chemo on Tuesday.

I think many wonder or are concerned on how I’m doing. I can tell you with 150% certainty that I am doing amazing. Psychologically I feel better than ever; happier, at peace, and mentally strong. Physically I feel stronger than ever and I continue to push myself.

I think Dan and the kids are doing fairly well also. As long I can keep this up I am confident everyone around me will also be just fine.

Your love and support fuels my “ok-ness” and my determination. Know that I am grateful.. every day… for everyone.