Ann-Marie is kicking cancer’s ass

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A day….

Today is a day… quite frankly it’s a pretty crappy day. Not because of cancer, but because there has just been too much and that makes the cancer even more annoying to deal with.

I got my PICC line this morning and saw the oncologist. Other than the pain of the line in my arm the rest is ok. I’ve got the clean bill of health and am all set to go for chemo tomorrow.

Where it all falls off the rails is when I was distracted by making my lunch and a “coneless” Keela sneaked away and go into something and ate it….. F! So when I realized I rushed her to the emergency vet. They induced vomiting but it didn’t work. So here we are, post op from last weeks blockage, to another potential blockage… I can’t cope… it’s just too much right now. My arm aches, I have chemo tomorrow, my hair is still falling out all over the place, and my beloved puppy is at serious risk.

Today is shitty f’ing day!

Lots of positivity my way would be much appreciated because right now I’m all out 🙁