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Fatigue, day 3 of chemo #1

I hope I won’t bore you too much with these monotonous updates on how I feel. My joking spirit is definitely on the downside at the moment so this may bit a dry, but I’m half British so that is too be expected 😂😂😂. Ok I just cracked myself up!

Anyway, to sum it up, I feel shitty. I’ve been taking my “as needed” anti nausea pills frequently and I am definitely fatigued. A friend of mine sent me a link on cancer fatigue. It was good to hear what I myself believe helps the most, and that is exercise. So even though I feel throughly drained I just walked 20 min on the treadmill then did 10 minutes of arms and stretching. Doing the exercise made me feel better, but I’m still immensely fatigued.

Regardless though, I think I look not bad!

I’m also attaching the link in case anyone is interested in watching the video. It’s very well done!