Day 2 of chemo #1

So far today I’m doing good.. although this may have something to with the fact that I took an extra anti nausea pill by accident! (Oops!). I’ve got a call into the nurse but the pharmacist didn’t think it was an issue. Like I said, so far so good. I am very tired and took a nap this morning. I will be heading for another one as soon as finish this post and make the kids lunches for tomorrow.

Yesterday was not so good as I mentioned. I think the reason why was because the meds made me so tired in the morning and I couldn’t nap because I was at the hospital so long. By the time I was able to it was already too late and I was very nauseated.

Today I did nap in the morning. and I feel a millions times better. I also had the pleasure of giving myself the autoimmune injection under the supervision of the CCAC nurse. She gave me the seal of approval to go ahead and self administer the remaining injections. Of course before heading out to the clinic I had to stop for a little refuel at Starbucks!

I love the very berry hibiscus refresher! ?

I hope everyone is having a great day!