Day 4 of chemo 1: Oh my boring!

Wow, this is long… very long and very boring. I can only stay awake for about 2 hour increments and when I am awake I can’t focus on anything but food… my stomach feels like it is expanding exponentially!!! So I just took a bath with the hopes it would shrink

I’m fairly certain it did not work!

Like yesterday I’m trying to fight this exhaustion with exercise. This morning Dan and I took Keela for a walk in the snow and blasting cold! The little 1.5k felt like 5 but we made it through. Later in the afternoon after another nap I walked on the treadmill again… but somehow I still feel like just large and tired. Pregnant actually… that’s how I feel, pregnant! But I’m definitely not that!

I am taking my anti nausea meds on a frequent basis but it’s all under control and I feel well in that sense. And now I just wait, wait for these days to end so that I can refocus on running and building my strength for chemo #2 on Nov 28th.

Enjoy your Friday evening!! Please… for me, do something exciting!