Let it be known that I suck at taking it easy!!! And it appears technology is against me also and doesn’t think I should rest and just watch Netflix. So here I am, writing..

I am 4 days into post op… yesterday I got out for my first walk and it was awesome! When the surgeon asked me if I had any questions before putting me under I did ask when I could run again (he looked at me like I had two heads when I asked that question?). He said likely 2 weeks, and after my walk yesterday I am fairly certain that is an accurate estimate because I do feel very strong physically. I’m hoping to connect with Carla (my trainer) this week to maintain that strength.

I do however need to watch what I do as these two pesky drains get in the way. Tomorrow one of the drains will be removed as it has consistently produced minimal fluid in the last two days. The other drain, the lymph node drain, is not so accommodating… if I have it out by Friday I will be ecstatic. But until they are both out, I cannot shower… and my right arm has reduced mobility so… washing my hair is a challenge. Which is a perfect excuse to go the hair dresser to have my hair washed and styled!! I went today and will go back again on Friday. If I must, I will continue into next week, and the week after and the week after .. LOL (I’m imagining Dan’s reaction as he reads this!)

I am so bored I actually asked my boss if I could come to work for a meeting next week… he said NO. ?. Really the boredom is just an excuse because I love my work, I love my team and my peers and just want to be back in that environment even if only for 1 day. (MA are you reading this? Please can I come for just 1 day? ?)

Being home does allow me to help the kids with whatever work they have to do. They are both doing very well since my return from the hospital. The night before surgery was extremely hard on them, but they quickly saw that I am ok, not in excruciating pain, and moving around fairly normally. Shane makes sure to check on me and Madison is doing an excellent job at being responsible. She actually got up all on her own today. And she cantered at riding on Sunday! (This has been a huge challenge for her).

As I wrap this up from my temporary post on my bed wrapped in my blanket of hugs, I wish you all a belated happy Thanksgiving! I have too much to be thankful for to even begin to list but know that I am grateful for all the love and support.


  • So glad to see that your doing wll.
    All my love Mummy