Boobs and running

I am only into week 2 of being diagnosed with breast cancer and so far I have already lost count of the number of people who have poked, prodded, dug into with force, cupped and placed my boobs. I feel like a boob feel up doll!!! But I can live with that, it’s ok. The needles and small confined spaces (MRI), I’d rather pass on. My right underarm hurts and is bruised from the biopsy yesterday, my left arm hurts because they took blood yesterday then today put in an IV line into the exact same vein! Ouchy!

But it’s all ok, I am ok. I came home from a lovely massage to my incredible family, and most notably my thoughtful, fearless son who presented me with a booklet that he researched and wrote out on breast cancer for me. I cried…

I think the oncologist would be quite impressed with all the complex terminology that was included!

I also learned that Shane’s class prayed for me today. I have to refer back to my post from a couple of days ago and praise his teacher. She has created an incredible circle of support for Shane. Although his class prayed for me, the act of it allowed Shane to be surrounded by love and support. Kids, almost all kids, fundamentally understand good and love. We are so lucky that Shane will have this support system because he will need it, desperately. It won’t be easy, for him or Madison.

Good things always come out of bad situations and today I got to run with my close friends who I had not run with in ages! Considering they were the ones who dragged me out to run so many years ago but stopped afterwards, I’m quite pleased with myself that I got them back out again ?!

    • Way to go Ann Marie. I love the approach you are taking with this. It’s so inspirational. If you can keep positive and keep active in the face of this, we have not excuses. Period.

  • Can you use cold compress to ease the pain?

    Shane is is so sweet and thoughtful, and a little fighter!

  • Glad to see Shane is having all that support, he is a really brave little boy.
    How is Madison doing.
    As for you my dear you`r a real hero keep on quiking out that cancer
    Love Mummy XOXOXOXO
    Maurice sends his love and support. XOXOXOXO

  • Ann-Marie you are a fighter!
    I can not find words to really express my sincere feelings about this.
    I am here for you if you need a friend.
    With prayers love and courage you will win this battle.