First impressions

Today was the day I was finally supposed to get some more answers, and it was my first time visiting the Stronach Cancer Centre at Southlake hospital. My initial thoughts were how intense the experience was… it seemed from the moment I walked in my senses were alerted to every sight, sound, and smell that surrounded me. As I entered the building I could hear the soothing sound of the waterfall at the entrance. The area was bright, clean and fresh. So far all good, homey-like feelings. But as I sat and waited, cancer patients wandered either in or out. Women, men, children… the children were the hardest and cruelest of the reality I was watching. As I observed people in their different stages, my initial reaction was “will I look like that, frail and thin?” But my fighter instincts finally made a bit of an appearance. Up until now I would describe my state of mind as calm, or in waiting. As I watched my fellow cancer community for the first time, my thoughts quickly changed to “I will NOT be frail and weak, I will be strong and stoic”, but I do hope to be thin 😉!

I eventually met with my awesome nurse Jenny who made sure I was ok and well taken care of. I also met with the oncologist.. unfortunately I have no more news than before the appointment. The doctors are still waiting on Pathology to identify the specific type of breast cancer it is. However, he gave us lots of information and we discussed my blood disorder in length. For those who are not aware, I have a blood disorder called Protein S deficiency. Protein S is the protein that breaks down clots… I don’t have enough of it which means my clots can potentially grow and grow and grow. So.. cancer treatment and protein S deficiency often don’t mix well.. and the type of cancer will really determine this. So now we continue to wait.

But before that I have a zillion more tests to do by the end of day Monday; cardioechogram, MRI, bone density and CAT scan… I will be glowing in the dark!!!

As a side note, I was so happy to hear that many have joined up for the CIBC Run for the Cure! I am so appreciative of everyone taking the time to support me during this journey! For anyone interested in donating you can go by accessing this link:< img src=”” height=”1041″ class=”wp-image-126″ width=”1445″>