You all need to read this!!!

I have awesome news!!! Today the panel of oncologist met to review all my test results. At about 2pm, I received a call from my oncologist. He communicated to me that based on the test results, the type of cancer I have is one of the most treatable. Omg! Relief! The medical oncologist went as far as to say I may NOT need chemo???! Also, the cancer is only in the right breast, not both AND the lymph node pathology came back negative for cancer!

For a certainty, I do need surgery. The question that remains is lumpectomy, mastectomy or double mastectomy. Once the surgery is done, they will test all the masses and the lymph nodes. Therefore at this point point we can only be cautiously optimistic as those result will reveal the truth.

The overwhelming good news is that this is the best case scenario of the worst case as one of bff’s says!

I am so relieved.

But.. I still have cancer. That is the reality. It’s ok though. Yesterday completely sucked.. today, I am hopeful, optimistic, I am light, and grateful for all of my family and friends.