One year ago today

Dear Tammy….

Today, one year ago, you wrote this post for me, my post-op post, the beginning of what I know now. More than that though, you were here. You brought me and Dan to the hospital at 6am, you sat with us, then with Dan. You heard the news, the bad news, with Dan. You made sure he ate, you took care of him, and you took care of me.

Today this post is for you. I have so many people who I am grateful for, but today I’m making it about you. Sometimes we really don’t see or understand our value or our importance. If there is ever any doubt in your mind just remember how you took care of us. You are a true friend, a forever friend. I’m so grateful Kayla was stung by that jelly fish in Mexico 6 years ago…. I can’t imagine having lived this year without your energy and light ❤️❤️❤️