Here we go again …

The pain has hit! With a vengeance… I’m managing it better this time by taking my pain meds religiously, but I’m still feeling it way too soon. So I anticipate this will another rough ride.

The fact that I only have to do this one more time is encouraging even with the pain. I’m also beyond excited to know that the PICC line will be out in just 18 days!!!! FREEDOM! And I’ll finally get to workout my arm! I’m going to be a tad lopsided since I can’t do any repetitive movements or weights with my left arm. We (Carla and I) continued to work out my right arm to make sure I reduce my changes of lymphedema.

Anyway, the drugs make me very groggy and incapable of any real focus therefore you won’t likely here from me for a while since I can’t string together a coherent sentence ?.

Have a great weekend!

  • You are almost done with this treatment! Woo-hoo! Focus on the celebration after this round. ?