Finally real answers and plans!

Ok, I have answers, and a plan.. I think!

Let me start off by saying I am super strong and not phased by what I am about to update you all on, because … I am a superstar! (Indulge me please.. go along with it, even if you don’t think so 😉).

You already know that the surgeon had identified that cancer was in the lymph node. Today the full pathology came back and we learned the cancer was in all 4 sentinel lymph nodes. This was not what the doctors were expecting. They were hoping only 1 was affected. Because all 4 are cancerous this increases the severity a bit. So, in terms of stage I am diagnosed at stage 3a. Of the 3s, it’s the best. Small mercies, we will take them wherever we can.

I was lucky that the oncologist also called me today. I have to stop for a second to say how impressed I am by the fact that this happens. Doctors calling patients personally… I don’t know, but I think we have it pretty good here in Ontario and our doctors are pretty remarkable! So thank you to all my doctor friends (and family 😉) for doing what you do.

But back to the call… firstly he called to see if I understood the results and was ok, which I did and am. He then let me know that I would have to undergo the full treatment; 6 rounds of chemo and then radiation.

So, chemo looks like it will start Nov 7th. And then the process starts.. from that point on I won’t know until I am full throttle in it on how my body will handle it. Or my psyche…

I started to write that I am “fully confident”.. but that does not express my true beliefs. I KNOW I WILL DESTROY AND CRUSH THIS CANCER. (Sorry for the caps ☺️). I have no doubt in my mind. And I won’t do it weakly, crouched and head down. I will stand up through it all with all my strength and my determination!

In my world, this is the only way. So I will attack this as I do everything else in my life.

Ready. Set. Go!💪💪💪😡😡😡