Chemo #1 done ✅

Remember my comment about IVs in yesterday’s post? Ya well… apparently someone decided the IV procedure would be even worse this time! My outstanding nurse, Jenny, had to call in the experts. In came Joanne (I think) who quickly started examining where she could put this bugger in when she suddenly stopped and ordered Dan to sit down because he was hovering! That made my day! I have now been scheduled to get PICC line (a permanent IV in the upper arm where the veins are bigger) so that we don’t go through this again.

Once the IV was in Jenny injected 4 large syringes of one of the three drugs. This was also not very much fun because it’s very hard on the vein.. so we had a lot of stop and starts because my vein was burning up, but we got it all in. The other 2 were easy peezy in comparison.

So far I’m feeling normal. I am tired from the pre chemo meds but nothing otherwise. Tomorrow I continue with all my meds and I start injecting myself with an autoimmune booster. Fun times. But I’m used to giving myself injections because of my blood disorder so it won’t be so bad.

Now we wait… and hope I feel totally awesome just like right before chemo. I was very lucky to get a window seat! ?

Trusty nurse Dan took this pic and did an awesome job of taking care of me ❤️❤️❤️.

  • Ok, now please tell me how the heck you look so super glam at your chemo appointment! Only you!!! B as F! One down. That’s huge. I know it’s really only the start of #1, but it’s still one more box checked. Check ’em one at a time. That’s how you get to the finish line. ❤️