The wrong kind of inspiration

There will be no picture with this post. Not because I don’t want to post one, but because the only picture I would post would be one showing the remarkable person I am writing about.  And I’ve just realized I don’t have a picture him, or his family with me…

Today I am writing because I am sad.  My uncle, who isn’t really my uncle, has passed away.  He was a great man… no, he was an AWESOME man.  He was the only NORMAL male influence I had in my life. My aunt, who is not really my aunt, IS like a second mother to me.  They took me in, they showed me a different perspective on life that I had not been exposed to.  They never abandoned me, ever.  It was my aunt who was the backbone to my future life, but his influence was there, quietly in the background, supporting her while she supported me.

Their kids are like my cousins, but not my cousins.  We’ve been a part of each other’s lives since almost the day we were all born.  When my father died, they were there supporting me and my sister in a place where we were not welcomed or accepted. Now, because of COVID, my love and support will have to be from a very far distance.

Although I am sad, this post is really a dedication.

To the man who was so intelligent, funny, charismatic, gentle and always caring – you live forever in all those that ever knew you.  You are loved, you are cherished, and now you are forever free… one day we will meet again.