5 years… and it’s been a while

Hi, I’ve been reflecting, and thinking, and hurting. I should be celebrating, but life in general is hard… it’s not necessarily logical or intuitive. What I should be is the opposite of what I am. Cryptic enough for you? I hope you are all healthy and happy! COVID has been a bitch of a time, but we continue to persevere. I’m quadruple vaxed + had COVID. So I’m totally over COVID life. That said, I didn’t let it stop me. We’ve continued to travel throughout and the judgers can judge… my life isn’t theirs. I’ve also moved on in my career, for which I am so grateful, happy and fulfilled. Shane, 14, got his first job and has been working all summer!! Madison was accepted to the University of Waterloo in Physics & Astronomy! We move her into residence next weekend!!!! Dans political career is in full campaign mode! Everyone is good…. And I should be, but here I am… 5 years since my diagnosis, still terrified, still somewhat paralyzed. But expected to be normal, expected to be positive, expected to be ok. It’s not that easy. I am struggling….

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