This one is for you Tina R. ?

I love to hear that people are reading my posts! I write for myself more than anything because, quite frankly, I know I will not remember all these moments like I do when they are in real time. I need to remember because that’s just who and what I am; the reality makes me stronger. But I also sincerely appreciate the feedback and the comments because I do go back and reread the blog at least once a week. When I read the comments, the words, the support, the love, drive me to continue to fight and be positive. I am energized by the interactivity and I don’t feel so alone.

So thank you Tina for the comment on Facebook; this post is dedicated to you ❤️.

I really had an uneventful day.. I slept, I ate, I went to clinic for my drain that is not yet out, I walked, I ate again and now here we are. Dull, boring, uneventful. However my nerve endings appear to be reconnecting.. not necessarily a good thing, although it was bound to happen, because now I’m feeling the bruising and like I have pins and needles.. I’m sure it will get a little worse before it gets better.

On the bright side, this weekend I am looking forward to getting out of the house a bit to socialize with great friends. I would also love to get some more exercise but I’m not sure the weather will cooperate. Sunday Pat, my mother in law, leaves us to head back to Ottawa. She has been a great help this week while I recuperated and we are so grateful for the support. Our freezer is kind of busting at the seams with all of the food friends and family have been making us but we will definitely be taking advantage of it all next week as we head into our first week on our own!

I am honestly happy, I am strong, and I ready for whatever is next.

Have a great weekend! ❤️❤️❤️

You are all my stars ✨