Nadia’s mom…

It’s so late.. too late for me to be up. However I need to write this, for myself and for others who are important to me.

Tonight we went out to Tara’s and Tyler’s, friends who have been so supportive and so present that I cannot imagine how I could ever express my gratitude. Just know that I am forever in your debt.. and I love you ❤️.

Before, during and after I have been very aware of my lack of one breast. For the first time I time I thought of my good friend Nadia’s mom. She had breast cancer when Nadia was a baby, then again when she was older, and last year (or the one before) she lost her battle. And I thought of her. I thought of her as I bathed.. imagining her body and realizing what I really had never seen when she was alive… her image, no breast, inconspicuous to most of us. But now as I lie here with one breast, trying to hide the reality to others, I think of her; her strength, her resolve, her perseverance.

And I think to myself; I do not want to die, ever. Or at least until I am 100. But it’s scary, because women do die of this. Just like Nadia’s mom. So, I remember with respect and admiration the woman who was so awesome and lived until the end, and who loved her children and grand children and gave them the gift of her love. I can only hope to be as successful and as gracious ?

  • What a beautiful story and memory of strength – sounds like Nadia’s mom was a great model of perseverance, and I know you are as well. Awesome to hear you have great people around you to keep you feeling supported and comforted. Keep up the ass kicking! 🙂