The light!

I am finally feeling better, not 100% but definitely better. Dan and I took Keela back to Joker Hill and I was able to walk so much faster and further than I had on Saturday. Saturday I had to hold onto Dan to go up the hill; today I pranced up it!

Later this week I will return to my mission to keep my body strong in between the chemo treatments and will work out with Carla a few times. Hopefully I can also start to run again… although it makes me a bit nervous with my PICC line I am still determined to do it.

This round has shown me how brutal cancer can be, especially for a control freak like me. My patience was non existent and every one around me suffered for it. I was uncomfortable, nauseous and incapable of controlling my emotions… so if I got impatient my fuse was extremely short… I can only anticipate that the next round will be even worse and ask for forgiveness ahead of time 😞.

For the moment, I’m going move forward and focus on what’s coming. Tomorrow I meet with the radiation oncologist to discuss what the plan will be after chemo and how I can preserve my skin for reconstruction later.

I look forward to more walks in the forest and feeling normal again ❤️

  • the most courageous girl in the world . I like the way you attacked the cancer . don`t give up.
    That would be the best tittle for a book. Just think how many women you could help.
    I think you are a borned writer.
    Please forgive me for all the spelling mistakes,