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Hi there.  It’s been a while… I actually have a happier post I’ve been writing about our trip to Costa Rica, however I haven’t finished it yet and I’m not feeling happy therefore I can’t really continue at this moment.

Instead you have the privilege (SARCASM) of reading this very anxious, melancholy post… Sorry.

I was just folding laundry, such a glamorous task that I like to complain about.  Laundry is a funny thing; it’s abundant, redundant, and infinite.  It NEVER ends.  Another funny thing about laundry; it’s the socks, the underwear, the clothes of our “people”. It is my family.  4 stacks every time; Dan, Madison, Shane and me.  I remember every time I added a new stack.  It meant so much.  Amazing how laundry could be so important, so worthy, so meaningful.  I love my laundry.  My laundry makes me cry. I never want to stop doing my laundry….

Tomorrow is surgery.  Today is the day before surgery.  If you’ve been keeping up with my progress you know I suck at everything the days before leading up to it. So I’m kind of sucking at the moment.  But I have my laundry… and it means more than I ever knew.