Still radiating…

These weeks have been so long…. every day the same routine… every day the same view. The only thing changing has been my skin. And not for the better….

My skin is angry! And my body is still angry from the chemo. Lots of angriness going on, in and on my body which is making for a sometimes cranky Ann-Marie.

Ugh, cancer really does suck. Really.

I won’t beat myself up for being frustrated. If I say that enough times maybe I actually won’t beat myself up. But the reality is that as mothers and parents we feel like we always have to be patient, kind and overall awesome. However that is far from my reality. I am the polar opposite of awesome. Who knew I was human? So I’ll try not beat myself up, because really what I need to do is survive these burns for the next little while.

I have 4 sessions left (of the 25). Supposedly my skin will continue to worsen for 2 weeks after it’s all done. But at least I won’t have to go to the hospital every day. Soon this saga will done.. soon.