Spring break!

Woohoo!! A week with no lunch making, no cooking, no alarms and HEAT spent with amazing friends! Did I forget to mention the beach? Oh ya, there was one of those too, and pools! AND MARGARITAS ?! Who could ask for more right? I’ll come back to that question soon.

First, I have to gush about Caroline, Pat, Adrienne and Mallory – the best travel friends ever! I am forever grateful for their patience and acceptance. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends, especially since they had to put up with me ?.

Which brings me back to the question “who could ask for more right?” Well I think I would have asked for hair… I think hair would have made the trip a little easier for me. However, the lack of it, the need to wear a hat almost always, and my mutilated body made the trip a little difficult for me. At first I was good… but over time the constant reminder of cancer became a little overwhelming for me. By day 4.5, I was starting to crack. By day 5, I was turning into a b*tch. By day 7, I was a disaster and hiding. I guess I’m used to living without really thinking of the fact I have cancer. I just do what I do with no thought. But in a bikini (one boob real, one boob a bean bag boob) with a hat on in 30 degree heat, it’s a little hard to ignore! Especially surrounded by strangers who at times could not meet my eye… it’s an eye opener.

Thankfully we were with Caroline and Pat. Our kids all had an amazing time and the four of us spent hours laughing over many many tasty beverages. And we ate! Omg so much!

So it was all worth it… the memories will be with us forever ❤️❤️❤️