Chemo… it seems so far away in the past. Yet I am still reminded on a daily basis of its effects. My body is still riddled in pain; joints and bones creaking and cracking.

And then there are my nails. I have been hiding them under nail polish because looking at them is frightening!!! The picture below is so much better than what they were… but scary they were; peeling, blackening and threatening to fall off!! Eventually they will grow out, but until then I cringe in anticipation every time I look at them.

I consider all this to be part of the lesson… but sometimes I’m not sure what that lesson is…

I have recovered well from surgery. But its incredible how quickly I can weaken and become so tired. This week my bestest friend came to see me, Sue. Sue helped mold me (or forced me LOL!) into the person I am today. Without her I think I would still be shy and timid. She embarrassed me on a daily basis and showed me it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. She taught me self respect and strength.

Her visit reminded me of my past, of my struggles, of my accomplishments since then, and of all the people who mean so much to me. Too many to name by name… For a while I think I went back to the numbness I’ve felt since I had my twins, but for some reason Sue has triggered my emotions.. once again I am feeling, and I am loving ❤️❤️❤️