Halloween ?

Thank goodness Halloween is almost over! The only problem is that now there are tons of candy and chips lying around!!!!

I am NOT a fan this annual event.

First of all Madison has had at least 5 costumes changes in the last week. I thought we had landed on Sleepy dwarf up until 4pm yesterday. Then she changed her mind and was going to be a china doll, and now I have no idea what she is… no clue! She’s out with her friends and I am completely clueless! But I know she is not a china doll!

Shane thankfully made a decision weeks ago and was a scary clown. We just had to modify his day to night because he wasn’t allowed to wear a mask at school:

I was tasked with candy ? distribution while Dan went out with Shane. (Madison is out there somewhere with her friends ?, I’m sure she will be home eventually!)

Thanks to Tara I was reminded I haven’t listened to the new P!nk album. Of course now it’s on repeat and supported me through my evening of running from the couch to the door to welcome the little monsters and princesses. At least I got some exercise as I gobbled down some candy with my wine LOL!

Tomorrow I am soooo excited to be going to chemo class (insert sarcastic look here). I’m sure I will learn something…. Dan is coming with me, much to his dismay!

And we are now at 7 days until chemo. I wouldn’t say I’m excited… perhaps a little nervous. Mostly of not knowing how I will cope. The first time for anything is always more stressful for me. And this will definitely be a first! Unfortunately it has started to affect my sleep, much like the surgery did… hopefully the wine I had tonight will help me sleep tonight ?.

I did meet with the surgeon yesterday and he looked at my incision. Thankfully he said there was very little fluid build up and all looked really good. So I didn’t do too much like I thought!!! What a huge relief because I really don’t want to do anything to delay chemo next week.

So… I would say all is just coasting along fine. I just need to get thru the next 7 days and stay healthy. Then we shall see.

One day at time.. 7 more days until the next milestone…

? ???

  • Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Blogs like yours are a reminder of how we all can relate and connect through emotions.
    You are an inspiration to me and I don’t have a doubt in my mind (because I’ve seen in you in action) that you will do as the title of your blog says!
    Good vibes! As many as the bandwidth of my internet connection can handle!
    Will be thinking of you on the 7th. Fuerza amiga!
    ps. You are rocking the blue hair! Love it!