For those who offered…

So many of you have reached out to offer food… we are so lucky to have you all!

In order to facilitate the organization of these offers, my good friend Suzy has graciously volunteered to organize it all.

You can reach out to Suzy via email at:

We are so grateful to be surrounded by such caring and generous people ❤️❤️❤️. I continue to be humbled by it all…

  • Hello Everyone:

    My name is Suzy. My daughter karine and maddy have been friends since early JK years at Ecole st. Jean. Hard to believe its been 10 years!
    We have had the pleasure to know Ann Marie, Dan, Madison, Shane and family over the years. We live only a few streets away and over the years the girls have celebrated many birthdays, holidays and simply hanging out enjoying each others company!
    We would like to help out in any way we can, so we thought a dinner plan for the family would be a great help to everyone! As Ann Marie prepares for her second treatment December 1st Friday, perhaps we could help with dinners for the month till December 22nd Friday. I have a list of ideas for meals, restaurants that deliver here locally for those who are far away or fresh meals made and brought over. My phone number is 289 221 9733. I have a chart made for the available dates and would be happy to have you text me with your date, happy to offer the restaurants and foods that Ann Marie and family would LOVE! Just a little help to Ann Marie so she can have the energy to exercise and relax with her family! I look forward to hear from you and please message me anytime!

  • Thanks to everyone who helped out with the meals and who are volunteering for the weeks before Christmas. I will be away till Monday but will be here to help anyway I can. I order from local restaurants that both Anne Marie, Danielle and children enjoy. Its such a great help!

    Please send me a message anytime
    289 221 9733