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Celebrate good times 🎵🎵

Hi! I’m so sorry it’s been so long. The last chemo went really well and I recovered much more quickly than the previous ones. I am so excited that it is over!! I’m still weak and my body is still suffering aftershocks, however the knowledge that it is finished takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

Of course we had to celebrate the end of chemo! So this weekend Nikki and Tammy and family came over for a last minute celebration. We had a great time and ended the night by throwing our (kids included) pink fluffy “phoques” up in the air and declaring “phoque cancer”! (Phoque is French for seal for my Anglo friends, but we all know what we were really saying!)

Last week I spent a lot of time at the hospital in preparation for radiation. Because nothing is ever easy with me, the technicians preparing my plan called me back in to do a different method. When they do radiation they try to stay away from the heart and the lungs. Because they are radiating my right side, theoretically my heart shouldn’t have been an issue. HOWEVER, my heart is too close… What this means is that I will have to breathe through a snorkel and hold my breath for 23 seconds 12 time’s every single time I will receive radiation therapy which is 25 I’m times! That’s a lot of breath holding… I’m not looking forward to it.. but at least it’s not chemo!

Finally, I am looking forward to our March break escape to Mexico! Next time you hear from me may be from my beach bed 😉⛱✈️.