Running ?‍♀️

The thoughts of spring have inspired me to get back out and try running. Over time chemo therapy has definitely affected my stamina. Physically working out with my trainer Carla has kept me quite strong, however when I try to run my cardio is definitely affected. This week I have slowly tried … I’m not sure I will be able to run for more than 5 minutes intervals for quite a while but at least I’m getting out and trying! It always helps to have friends encouraging me by joining me on my attempts!

Good news… only 2 more days until my last chemo!!! The next 48 hours will crawl by! Once this chemo is done and the PICC line is out, Carla has promised to kick the crap out of my other arm that has been useless for the last 4 months.. I’m a little scared ? ?!

Be on the lookout Tuesday or Wednesday for the big event – I will be ringing the chemo bell!!! We will record it and post it so that you can all share the moment with me ?.

Almost there… well, until March 28th when radiation starts…